Are your products eco-friendly?

Yes, they most certainly are!

It's very important to us to conduct our business in a manner that encourages and inspires respect for the environment. In order to achieve this, our goal is to create our products using environmentally sound methods and to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

One way that we do this is to only use logs from companies that employ sustainable-yield harvesting procedures. One single log will produce thousands of wood products. It actually takes less wood to make wood veneer cards than it does to make regular paper cards!

In addition, the wood is 100% natural, so the card will fully biodegrade. And because no chemicals are used in the production process, you can rest assured that the cards will not harm the environment during the decomposition process. All of our cards can be composted or recycled with regular paper goods.

Our letterpress cards are crafted from paper that is made from reclaimed cotton from the garment industry. We've chosen to support this process for our paper production because it uses less energy, water and chemicals than the traditional process of using wood pulp to create paper.

As you may already be aware, when cotton apparel is made, there is a significant amount of extra cotton left over. Instead of allowing these remnant pieces of cotton fabric to be incinerated or simply sent to landfills, our paper supplier is collecting, cleaning and separating them into raw fibers in order to make a new premium product without having to use any additional water, chemicals or farmland. In addition, the paper is chlorine-free and can be recycled with office paper.

Our envelopes contain 30-100% post-consumer waste and can be recycled with office paper as well.

Even our budget-friendly digital cards are eco-friendly! They are printed on FSC- certified paper that is made with zero-emission, wind-generated power, and they also can be recycled with office paper.

Best of all, all of our goodies are hand made in the USA, right in our hometown of Birmingham, Owlabama!

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